Steps Used By Agencies For Honing Straight Razors | Straight Razor Sharpening Laguna Beach

If you have experienced shaving with straight razors, then you are ready to move to the next step that is honing. Honing process is complicated, and it cannot be used in the home. A professional can only sharpen a straight razor. It is easy to shave with straight razors, so men use that. There are shops of straight razor sharpening in Laguna Beach who helps with the different honing process.


The agencies use whetstones to sharpen the razor. It is a tad personal to use a honed blade. To give a cut edge sharpness takes the cutter to a master who has the experience to bring a cutting edge to it. At first hanging hair, the test is done and measured it with a scale of a 1-5 strain of slicing the blade. They use stones and abrasives to bring a proper shape.

For a shave ready status, it is necessary to use a machine that does not break the tip of the razors. During the honing process, TPT and TNT are done. TPT is a Thumb Pad Test is used for testing bevel set of straight razor pulling the thumb across the blade. TNT is Thumbnail test that is used to test the bevel set of the mower that is straight and gently guided with the nail pin.

Abrasives Used For Sharpening

Several tools are used to get a shave-ready straight razor. Those tools are not available in your home which the shops of straight razor sharpening in Laguna Beach and other cities can provide. Following are the types of components used to bring jagging outlook:

Wet Sandpaper

Sandpaper ranging from 1000-13000 grit is needed to bring to the sharpening process. It has an extremely flat surface where the blades are rubbed with the paper to produce fineness and cutting edge. A beginner cannot use this method. Thus, professionals can only use this process.

Lapping Film

From past 4-5 years, many people switch to use lapping film. This is the traditional method used by sharpening agencies. The film is made up of polyester base coating with different minerals like silicon oxide, diamonds, aluminum oxide, cerium oxide or silicon carbide that is polished with optical fiber connectors to ensure signal transmission and efficient light.

About 10% of conventional stones are used to make lapping film. It may give you hard benefit while bringing the jagged point of the blade.

The workshops sometimes use natural stones and rocks in bringing the jagged point of the razor. All such tools and materials are not available in the home. Thus, it is not possible to do the work yourself because you can never follow the steps that are supported by the agencies.