Upgrade Your Shaving With Different Types Of New Straight Razors

In ancient days men used metal blades to shave their beards around 3,000 BC. During that time copper was the medium of choice for all the utilitarian. In contemporary age, shaving has advanced into trimmer and electric razors. It not only cleans your face but also lubricates and cools the skin. It prevents men from cut and swells. This process has become automated nowadays.

However, many people do not prefer electric trimmer. For a clean face, they use straight razors. Curve blades can be the reason for injury and bloodshed, so the straight-edged spear is necessary to be used. If you want to play a shave game, then buy quality straight razors online in Laguna Beach and other cities. Here are some of the top consecutive blades which you can purchase online as follows:

The DOVO German Classic 5/8 Blade

If you prefer straight shaving the DOVO is the best choice. It was founded in 1906 in Solingen Germany. This brand also started producing clippers, scissors, and different excellent grooming tools. It helps in shredding beards finely. It is a classic German blade, which has perfect scales and resin. It is made up of carbon steel. Thus, no one can doubt its quality.

Hart Steel 5/8 Square Point

Hart Steel was founded in 2009 in the United States. It has the lofty feature that brings smoothness to your skin. Men’s covering is hard because of shaving. If they use this product, then it does not take away moisture from your skin. It is a leading blade recently. This handcrafted tool grade is made up of steel. They are heat resisted and made up of frozen liquid nitrogen. It maintains both the longevity and stability with stropped and hand-honed features. It does not get dull quickly and produce cutting sharpness.

Thiers-Izzard Kingwood 6/8 Razor

It is a high branded blade. It was founded in 1884 by Pierre Thiers. It is made up of quality steel. It was made in England. Each razor has molten lead dipped over 1400 degree Fahrenheit. It has maximum strength with quality standard. This has 24-karat gold etching.

Wacker Old Sheffield Straight Razor

It is a razor made in Germany that is made up of pure steel. About seventy steps are needed to manufacture this blade. It is three decades old, and the scales are made up of genuine buffalo horn.

Discomfort Forged Carbon Straight Razor

It can be handled correctly with chopped carbon fibers, which is forged with steel mold. It has dual concave grind. It has raised gold color coating which prevents from rust. It is finely washed in phosphorous bronze. It is made in America.

When you are ready to buy quality straight razors online in Laguna Beach and other cities, you must remember that the thickness range must start from 3/8 to 8/8. The wedge ground must be thinner and sharper. A good store makes a scale from tortoise shell and plastic. Their handles are made up of resin, wood, and ivory.